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Why We Love Edmonton’s Duchess Bake Shop   Duchess Bake Shop has launched a cookbook that lets the rest of the country in on Edmonton’s secret—that it’s home to one of Canada’s best pastry and bake shops.   By jennifer cockrall-king. photos by carey shaw. March 31, 2015 New York has Dominique Ansel and City Bakery. Paris has Ladurée, Pierre Hermé and Gérard Mulot. Edmonton has Duchess Bake Shop. And quit your snickering. The Duchess, as locals call it, is home to exquisite handmade pastries, including a few signature house items. And, like its contemporaries in New York and Paris, there’s a guaranteed lineup every day at opening. On any given Saturday, over 300 Edmontonians will file through in the first hour alone. It’s a well-choreographed routine now between devotees and the young, stylish and efficient staff. Customers point through the glass display counters at multi-hued macarons, brioches, croissants, pains au chocolat, éclairs, galettes, madeleines, lemon cream tarts, quiches and housemade marshmallows. Of course, there’s also the dark ganache-draped Duke cake, and the pistachio-green domed cake—the bake shop’s namesake, the Duchess. Selections are made and paid for; pastries pies and cookies are eaten on the spot or carted out in elegant white pastry boxes adorned with “Duchess” in...